Melanie Masson

Melanie Masson shot to the British public's attention with her raw powerhouse blues vocals and heart rending performances of Janis Joplin's Cry Baby. With millions of hits on Youtube of her first audition, she very quickly became an X Factor favourite with millions of fans in the UK and from all over the world, Gaining respect and admiration from fans and critics alike, she introduced the X Factor audience to Janis Joplin and blues music then sailed into the live finals.

Singing all her life, Melanie comes from a Showbiz family. She grew up in Glasgow knowing she wanted to be a performer and started singing in venues all over Scotland. She first trained at her parents' stage school, studying music and dance, she then went on to train in Music and Drama at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh gaining a degree. Although she loves acting, music is her passion and has always been inspired by the timeless artists from the late 60's and early 70's - Janis Joplin , Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Otis Redding and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

She has previously been a solo recording artist on EMI records and a session singer, touring all over the world and performing alongside artists such as Pink and The Stereophonics and had Top 40 hits with WiFi and also withThe Bassheads.

She has enjoyed appearing in West End musicals. One of her favourites being The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, where she took the title role to critical acclaim with her impressions of Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield and Edith Piaf among others.

Melanie continues to excite and delight with her live shows and has been working hard in the studio recording music that she will soon be releasing. Her soul searing vocals hark back to a time where performers wore their hearts on their sleeves and sang with truth, passion and real soul.


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